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April Showers(and savings) Bring May Herb Gardens

Hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is getting their seeds started now for outdoor planting next month! We’ve got ours started and our plant rack is loaded with seedlings preparing for the great outdoors. With April weather being warm and sunny one day, and frosty the next it’s still too early to start plants outdoors. In the mean time, give them a strong start indoors. Burpee has specials on everything you need to get going.

Get 15% Off Sitewide with code AFFB445P through 4/17 Only at!
Get 15% Off Sitewide with code AFFB445P through 4/17 Only at!

Get Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more with code AFFB4426 through 4/17 Only at!
Get Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more with code AFFB4426 through 4/17 Only at!

Quick Tips

  • Soak your seeds in water overnight prior to planting
  • For individual plants, start them in Seed Pods
  • For starting in a pot, use Seed Starting Soil
  • Keep the soil or seed pods moderately moist but not so wet that they start to mold.
  • Download our Herb Gardening Ebook for more advice on growing, harvesting, and using herbs!

    Happy Gardening!
    Jim and Christina

2014 Gardening – Order Your Seeds Now for Starting Plants Indoors!

Though the weather outside is frightful(at least for the east coast), we’re quickly getting to the time of year to start your plants indoors!  Burpee has some specials going on so nows the time to order to have those seeds close at hand so you can get them started while you’re stuck inside dreaming of warmer weather.

These specials aren’t just for Herb Seeds but all of their plants. Have a plan for your 2014 garden? Order those seeds today!
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Welcome to! is under new management and currently undergoing some huge changes.  New stories are in the works as are cool how-to videos on starting and growing your own herb garden.  We hope you stop back from time to time to see the changes. We will be covering more than just Herb Gardens.  With the rise […]

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Culinary Herbs To Grow At Home

Here are the best home herb garden tips. fragrant herbs have been cultivated for the kitchen for millenia – in huge lots where they are cropped for sale to supermarkets and food store stores, and on a small scale in the home herb garden, for the householders kitchen. Restaurateurs also frequently establish their own herb […]

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Grafting to start new plants?

Grafting – is it what we’re looking for? Herbs like basil and Rosemary, have a long germination and sprouting process. To speed up the process we’ve noticed a lot of people have been searching for information on grafting herbs. However, this isn’t the proces that herb growers should be looking to. The definition of grafting […]

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An Introduction To Herb Garden Kits

  Herb Garden Kits, Many Choices with no Single Solution With herb gardening being a great foray into gardening for beginners, herb garden kits provide the perfect starting point for them.  They’re also great for growers who want fresh herbs year round for cooking. There are plenty of options on the market for Herb Garden […]

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Herb Gardening Indoors

For those of us that don’t live where outdoor gardening is possible year-round, growing herbs indoors during the off season is a way keep fresh flavors close at hand without paying grocery store premiums. Here are some tips for herb gardening indoors that will simulate the conditions in an outside garden. For Herb gardening indoors […]

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Tips Starting an Herb Garden

Cultivating a fresh herb garden is great way to integrate fresh flavors into your food. The plants are easy to grow, hearty and for the most part insect free.  The following tips can get the you off to a good start. Sizing The Herb Garden First diagram your garden.  Determine amount space you will need […]

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Gardening Hobbies Herb Planting & Development

Gardening by itself has become quite a popular thing to do, it is both fulfilling and relaxing at the same time, why not get something back out of your garden by planting herbs. One important part of herb gardening is drying the herbs for use during the winter months, especially if you plan on cooking […]

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Advantages of Herb Garden Kits

If you would like to grow your own herbs but lack the knowledge of how to get started, then a herb garden kit can be the answer. There are a lot of questions that come along with starting an herb garden. Which herbs do better if they are grown from seeds? What is the […]

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